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NH Research and Evaluation Group, LLC

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What We Do
The New Hampshire Research and Evaluation Group, LLC provides NH researchers and evaluators working in the social and health sciences with multiple opportunities to learn and share skills and knowledge from their respective areas of expertise. Members represent a variety of backgrounds and interest areas, including housing, social policy, justice, education, health care, tax reform and others. Membership is open to professionals involved in research and/or evaluation work and graduate students with an interest in these areas. We are a group of like-minded researchers and evaluators who value the regular sharing of ideas and skills and have volunteered their time and resources for the overall improvement of research and evaluation work in New Hampshire.  For more information, please see the About Us page. Thanks for taking the time to review - I hope you will join us!

Peter Antal, Ph.D.
Executive Director
NH Research and Evaluation Group, LLC

How to Join
First, learn about the benefits of membership for individuals and organizations, then, to join and receive benefits and important email updates for members, please click on the appropriate link below:

Individual Enrollment: Please email (applies to any individual receiving member benefits, may or may not be supported by an organization)

Organizational Enrollment (applies only to organizations interested in becoming an organizational member; organizational members sponsor membership fees for individual staff)